Issue 105

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T+A 2500R Disc Player

What’s New

T+A 2500R Disc Player

Multi-function digital playback, and FM!

The Acora Acoustics SRB Monitors

From Acora Acoustics

Sonus faber Maxima Amator

Conrad-Johnson’s CAV 45-S2 Control Amplifier Arrives!

Rotel’s A11 Tribute Integrated Amplifier

An excellent homage to designer Ken Ishiwata

Parasound’s new Halo P6 preamplifier

Everything you need for every music format
A Heartfelt “thank you” to Cardas Audio


A Heartfelt “thank you” to Cardas Audio

I still love buying hifi gear!

RIP, Eddie VanHalen

Fake News and Audio Reviews

Lockdown – Day 58

Farewell, Art Dudley